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9/13/15 SIMPLIFY — Maintaining three websites for one person doesn’t make sense. This week I have moved all of the content back to Cutting Edge Communications is the publisher of the books. It’s a voluminous site, so I hope readers can navigate easily. This site has too many click-through pages and some of the pages scroll for too long. I’ll find time to update it and fix this soon. I like my CaseyCreates logo so perhaps will find a use for it in the future.


9/13/15 Re-invented the Secrets of the Southern Shells book with a second edition. Got a little thumbs-up from the universe. 🙂


6/14 –PUBLISHER PAGE — The Publisher’s Page of Chart magazine for 2014-15 outlined the creative direction for Casey to focus on writing and less on the magazine. A year is dedicated to writing before production of the tenth anniversary issue will be produced.





11/1/13  ART– The peacock symbolizes my home and my life in Winter Park. The feathers flow into fish, which represent my lifelong desire to live in an artistic beach community. After I penned the contract for my beach pied-a-terre, this image flowed into my head on my drive between my two homes. In one painting, the fish flow away from the peacock, and in the other, they flow toward the peacock. This represents my fluid life now as I explore and document in words, film and art, the wonder of the world around me. Sometimes my words are not enough and I turn to paint or photography or film to complete my ideas.

“Winter Park with a Beach Place” 36 x 36 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas




Thurs. 3/28/13 posted this on chART-magazine Facebook page:  BE SURPRISED! I snapped this photo in Palm Beach of the sunrise. The solo bird in flight filled the content with a closer look. So, be inspired in creativity by the unplanned gifts. I went there last weekend for the boat show. The unanticipated delight was the boat parade of mega yachts heading back to south Florida on Monday, along the coastline as I did my beach walk. Accept life’s sweet surprises and let them fuel your creativity!