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INSIGHTS from the author about Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story


Post 9/23/12 Finished Marlins Cry book! YAY! The rainbow is significant. It is of the air, but not cyber. The book explains!

A similar phenomenon would occur on Aug. 27, 2015 when I made an edit to the Seek Wisdom chapter of Secrets of the Southern Shells Second Edition.

In 2011, I saw rainbows all the time in Palm Beach. The rainbow in the photo below, followed me and a friend all the way from Winter Park to Palm Beach.


. . .

Sun. 6/30/13 CHARACTERS — In promoting the book Marlins Cry A Phishing Story the questions asked of me are consistently about the characters since it is based in part on a true story. The main characters are addressed below. Readers also inquire about Chapter 17 No Privacy. Guy friends tell me they have read that chapter several times and it should be in a first chapter in future books. Men! (But with a marketing research background, I’m a good listener. I bet the next book starts out in a steamy shower.)

CHARLOTTE is fictional, but based on my experiences and what I learned about cyber safety. The book gives simple tips everyone can easily do to help prevent cyber attacks. Obviously, technology changes and the tips are not comprehensive. Charlotte was an alternate choice of names for my daughter. My family was among the first governors of NC and city council members of Charlotte. I like the name.

ANN, the friend, is actually many friends during my 2011 cyber hacking experience. I thought the character might seem flaky as she ranged from supportive to judgmental to questioning. Each of my friends believes Ann is them because I described her as prettier than I am. (Don’t forget, I am a filmmaker as well and this is a great screenplay, so, of course the friend would be camera friendly, as are all of my friends!) I picked the name Ann because it was simple.

OWEN is the boat owner. Captains call the boat owners, “my owner.” So, owner is Owen. The character is based on many business friends and boat owners. A special thanks goes to my friend who was hiring a boat owner at the time, and over lunch, shared with me every aspect owners consider about captains.

TED, the boyfriend, is based again on a blend of eclectic men. Everyone asks if Chapter 17 No Privacy was fiction, and, thankfully, yes it was fiction. That was a wake up call for awareness. A friend requested his name be used for the boyfriend, so, the character was thus named Ted. The boyfriend name has already been claimed for the next book since I promised them both at the same time! Todd will be the next beau.

V is for Voice. V for me is the God of the Bible. When you print the word God, some people don’t care to read what you have written. Others might judge that it is not their God, so it must be wrong. Some people think it’s not politically correct. I remember Janet Nixon at the Russell Home telling me I couldn’t print her praising God for miracles at the non-profit home. I reminded her that I own the magazine and I could print it and not everyone has to read Chart magazine. It was part of her story, so why omit it? It is part of my own story.

STYLE My writing truly flows, so none of it is planned in advance. I am an intuitive creator whether in writing, or graphics, or film. In documenting real life events, such as my 2011 experience, reality provides the setting and circumstances. The words are as they are meant to be regardless of the subject matter that houses the content.

So, for those of you who I haven’t shared in person, these characters are based upon these things.

. . .

Wed. 10/17/12, FIRST NOVEL — posted this on my personal Facebook page: My life is forever changed at this moment. My first novel (by definition 40,000 words) was just delivered. The first order of the first novel, “Marlins Cry A Phishing Story.” Just in time for the Del Frisco’s Chart celebration tonight. Please join me my friends for a big toast to a lifetime goal achieved. Life is sweet.