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PRAISE for Secrets of the Southern Shells

“Secrets of the Southern Shells is a very clever and original allegory containing much wisdom that has been passed down from Southern mothers to their daughters, the Southern Belles. This charming book, filled with very attractive marine artwork, relates a powerful story of sea creatures, and how one, a mere starfish, overcomes impossible obstacles and achieves her dreams because she faithfully heeds her mother’s timeless advice. In seven words: Buy it, read it, and gift it!” — Bill Guggenheim, co-author of bestseller Hello From Heaven! “p.s. I read this while vacationing in North Carolina. It’s not a book I would typically read. I was surprised at how much I liked it. The book cleverly combined three or four things in one masterfully.”

WONDERFUL VISION Your book made my friend Tina very happy on her birthday we celebrated at the Breakers. Thank you for your wonderful vision and writings. — Frank Fazio, Executive Management Consulting to CEOs in Palm Beach, FL

GOOD PHILOSOPHICAL MESSAGE It’s a great book for pre-teen girls or anybody really. The book had a lot of good philosophy and lessons in moral character. The thing I found most interesting was the advice to be a lady and not just act like a lady. That is a great philosophy to live by for anything you are striving for, to be and not just to act. So, be an art dealer, or a banker, or an artist, but be. It’s a good philosophical message that all that can come is good if you have faith in yourself. — Arnie Miller, Miller Topia Designers

SOUTHERN ADVICE I related to the chapter Kill Meanness with Kindness with the starfish and jellyfish. I remember in the Caymans night diving, which I don’t normally do, and trying to swim back t teh boat and having to get through the jellyfish. It stings but you just have to get through it like life sometimes. I’ve heard all the Southern advice in Secrets of the Southern Shells book all my life. It’s advice I follow in business, friendship and adventure. — Laura Eidson Cosgrove, Eidson Insurance

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN “I’m from South Georgia and have two daughters and this is the way we talk to them. I look at the whole world this way; speak from the heart and from personal experience. The world is a better place if we all share our hearts. I liked the chapter with the seahorses on how small things make a big difference, it’s important for all of us to remember that each little act every day does make a difference.” — Hugh Darley, President / Executive Producer Idea, Inc.

AN EXTRAORDINARY FIND “This book is an extraordinary find! People may not always remember the lesson but they will remember the story and the lesson will seep in. This is especially true if the story is well written and delivered as Casey Swann has done in Secrets of the Southern Shells. She has done a fabulous job of sharing some valuable lessons while making the story just plain fun! The final lesson, “don’t just act like a lady, be a lady” says so much. I have always felt you should live who you truly are and not just talk about it. Not only was the book well written and illustrated, it has left me wanting more. I will now read the first book Lessons from a Falling Leaf and can’t wait for the novel in the works!” – Teresa (Teri) Sicliano with Armatusone and board member of

GREAT GIFT “Chart magazine signed and mailed the book with a card to my friend in Kentucky for $25; what a great deal and heartfelt gift. With my busy schedule, I plan to order more Southern Shells books as gifts!” — Shirley

CLASSIC “This is a book to cherish and re-read often as we follow the life challenges of Starfish Star and relate them to our own lives and to the lives of our children and grandchildren. This book is destined to be a classic.” –Marilyn Smith, Mental Health Therapist

CHARMING Secrets of the Southern Shells, written by Casey Swann, is an enlightening tale of a starfish and her journey in the ever changing ocean. Star’s joyful and sometimes frightening encounters are skillfully translated into pieces of advice that are both uplifting and inspirational. This ocean-inspired story offers encouraging life lessons carefully chosen from the everlasting wisdom of a mother. Swann’s writing is charming, bestowing upon the reader messages of positivity and finding strength from within. Through Star’s adventure in the changing seascape, the book teaches the importance of independence and kindness to strangers, yet emphasizing the necessity for family and friends in one’s life. Accompanying the text are shell – inspired illustrations provided by chARTists located in Winter Park, Florida. These one-of-a-kind images, tailored for Swann, perfectly compliment her sprightly tale. — Jennifer Hirschmann, Recent Rollins College Graduate and chART summer 2011 intern

BOYS READING LIST LIKE JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL “I enjoyed reading Secrets of the Southern Shells. With the beach setting and message, it reminds me of reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was a teenager. It will be on the boys’ reading list.” — Dan Scotchie, educator and father

RETIREMENT GIFT, MOTHERS DAUGHTERS “I got this as a retirement gift and it is special on so many levels. The illustrations, the sentiments and especially a mother – daughters love resonated so strongly having raised two daughters myself. A perfect gift to yourself or someone who has impacted your life in a meaningful way.” –Barbara Peckett, Director of New Business Development, Clear Channel Orlando

SUPER SWEET AND SPIRITUAL “The book is super sweet and spiritual. It’s a great gift for both mothers and daughters. You can read it in just 15 minutes and on every page it has advice you would want to give your daughter and beautiful art as illustrations. I’m from Argentina, so I like the Florida beach art to share with my 3-year-old. I’ll read it to her now for the story and again when she’s a little older to better understand the advice. She’ll cherish it. I’m getting one for a friend, too. Moms need to read sweet words sometimes, too.” — Soledad Garcia Barneche, Kathmandu Winter Park

FLORIDA BEACHES, HOSTESS GIFT “I got the book as a hostess gift and what a lovely surprise. The book creatively captures the author’s love of shells, the beach and the water. If you love Florida and it’s waters, you will love the book. I move the book around the house, it speaks to many occasions.” — Ernestine Beattie, Olympic Swimmer and Champion Master Swimmer (fellow water lover!)

SOOTHING WORDS, INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES, GIFT FOR MOTHER OF YOUNG GIRLS “Thank you for inviting me to the book reception at Taboo. A friend had given me a book about a broken shell and this book reminds me of that one with the soothing words and inspirational messages. My friend now is living up north and a mother to two young daughters. I am giving this as a gift and I know she will enjoy the book. I peeked at it and I enjoyed reading it, too!” — Charles Freeman, Wally Findlay Galleries, Worth Ave. Palm Beach

BREATHTAKING BOOK WITH PROFOUND MESSAGES DELIVERED CREATIVELY “This book is breathtaking. I found myself living the emotions of Starfish Star, actually getting scared and nervous at times in her journey. As a dog lover, I got a great smile and chuckle about the hide and seek game with the Yellow Lab who was too big to hide! I finally burst into tears upon reading “Use Words Wisely” … talk about creating something with a new view and new perspective and understanding the power of our words, it’s this book! Beautifully done. Star got what she wanted. And you will get what you want with millions of sales of this treasure. Also, the placement of the artwork as illustrations was exceptional, and the visionary piece by the author on the back really set the tone.” — Dana Clary, Marketing Executive

LIFE EXPERIENCES AS A YOUNG ADULT “I grew up in Oklahoma so I didn’t see a shell until I was 21. In reading Secrets of the Southern Shells, it reminds me of my own maturing as a young person and experiencing finding shells in the sand for the first time along with experiencing life itself. The book captures what it means to enjoy the good life.” – Dr. Rick Foglesong, President of Rollins College Faculty and Professor or Political Science, Fox TV35 Political Commentator, Author of Immigrant Prints: Mel Martinez and the American Dream

OFFICE AND GIFT “I got one book to display in our office, one for home and one for a gift. The book is gorgeous!” — Karen Roffler, Roffler Chiropractic

SEEK WISDOM “I bought one for my mother, one for my daughter and one for me. I liked the Seek Wisdom chapter with the boat. I also bought the seahorse painting from the Small Counts Big chapter to remind my college age daughter that she counts very big.” –Allison Edwards, Esq., Law Offices of Charles M. Greene, P.A.

TIMELESS ADVICE “Wow, what a beautiful book. Charming paintings and timeless advice. I bought one then ordered another for my mother-in-law.” – Toby Unwin, chARTist, Austrian Consulate and International Entrepreneur

TEENAGE DAUGHTERS “The book is a must read for teenage daughters, and moms, too. The valuable lessons and insights are shared in a profound and unique manner. I loved it!” –Jan Edwards, President Red Arrows Consulting

AUNTS, NOT TOO LONG AND NOT TOO SHORT “It occurred to me, as I leafed through your Secrets of the Southern Shells book again last evening, that it would represent an excellent Christmas gift for two of my aunts. They haven’t seen any of Susan’s work, so that it would be nice for them to have a look at it, and I believe that they’d enjoy reading the book — it’s not too long and not too short — just right for a quick read.” — husband of chARTist Susan Guch, and Principal Scientist of a firm consulting to major aerospace companies

YANKEE DAD OF DAUGHTER “As a “Yankee” and a single male parent living in the South, trying to find the right words with a teenage daughter was always a challenge. She turned out pretty well and is working in Dubai. When I received Secrets of the Southern Shells I sent it to her in her Christmas Care Package and she was delighted. Thank You Casey!!!!” — John Miller, Hotelier New Smyrna Beach

ART COLLECTOR FOR BEACH CONDO AND HOME “I bought one for my Ponce Inlet condo where I have a collection of chART art on the walls. I read the book and was very impressed with the creative writing as well as the art illustrations. I wanted the book for myself but the renters coming in wanted me to leave it there so I bought a second one for my Orlando home.” — Kirk Stephens, President

MOTHER SOUTHERN BELLE, STEP FATHER SPORT FISHING SURFING “I heard the author on WDBO Building Your Business show and bought the book for a gift. My mother is a southern belle so I know she will like it and my step father will like the sport fishing and surfing in the story.” — Alex Dabney, Mooney Appraisals

COLLEGE GRAD RELATES TO STAR “I can definitely relate to Star because I am on a journey that is scary and unknown. I just graduated in December and am out in the “real world,” which can be a difficult place. Finding a job especially in my field of entertainment is not easy, but I am blessed with the talents I was given and intend to do what I love no matter what. Just like star.” — Mallory Gladman, Rollins College dance graduate

WORDS FILL THE VOIDS FOR BOTH GENDERS “It’s a beautiful piece of work reminiscent of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It’s a must read. I envision introducing it to school children and translating it into languages for many cultures. The woven tapestry of qualities of a young lady needs to be communicated to both genders. This could change people’s lives. When I read the chapter, Stay in Safe Places With Safe People, I couldn’t help but to think of Natalie Holloway in Aruba. What if she had read this book and that message was a part of who she was? The words in the book immediately fill the voids within us. It’s so positive and good. Our society needs this now more than ever. “ – Yacht Captain Jim Goodnow