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Chart Magazine Collaborative LEAF PROJECT

Chart magazine publisher Casey Tennyson Swann authored Lessons From A Falling Leaf and the Chart-ists illustrated the book. Fall 2009 Chart added Song of the Leaf composed by Daniel Flick and sung by Kerri Glennon, and a choreographed dance performed by Kelsey Glennon. In Spring 2010 a film on the collaborative creative project was produced by Florida Film Festival President Henry Maldonado.

01 SONG OF THE LEAF  Click to listen

Lessons From A Falling Leaf, The Film view on


“It is wonderful!” — Kim Arthur

“Wow, I just LOVE your Falling Leaf video. Touched my heart! Thanks for sharing.” — Cathy Sanders

“Wow. Very well done Casey! Kudos to all of you for your collaboration of such a beautiful 5 minute video!” — Grace Anderson, Marketing Executive

“It has a nice flow to it and good production value. Makes you wonder why theatrical releases cost millions when you can produce nice quality like this?” — Rock Demarco, Performance Artist

“Amazing! It turned out great!” — Lynn Katz