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Chart Publisher Casey Tennyson authored Secrets of the Southern Shells and the Chart-ists illustrated the book. Chart added music and performance art and film to the creative collaboration because creativity is more interesting with interdisciplinary art forms communicating the same message. The musicians, dancers, film makers all became the magazine covers and feature articles in Chart magazine.

THE SHELL MUSIC PROJECT, SONGWRITER WINNERS: For the Winter 2010-11 issue of Chart magazine, the Rollins College Acoustic Ensemble, under the direction of professor Daniel Flick, produced five original songs and performed them live in concert at Tiedke Hall at Rollins College in Nov. 2010. The class produced each song including the boat horn from a conch shell and the seagulls from Ramona Snowden’s violin. Read about the composers in the Winter 2010 issue, pages 12-14, on the magazine archives link on Read about the overall music contest at the bottom of this page.

The book was written for Casey Tennyson’s daugher’s 18th birthday. These college students, in the same age range, found inspiration for their music compositions in the love story of family, spiritual growth, romantic love, all starting with love of oneself.

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1 Sweet Southern Shell by Ramona Snowden

01 Sweet Southern Shell Click to listen

I found much inspiration from my own life when writing the song about a southern shell, “Sweet Southern Shell.”  My own mom has said so many of those life lessons to me over and over again. The starfish story was a fun, beautiful way of expressing the starfish “southern shell” finding it’s way in the ocean like I am finding my way in the world. I wrote the book from the perspective of the starfish’s family summarizing the main points in lyrics and put the southern belles, or shells, life lessons in song. I think if we ever were able to meet, the southern shell and I would be kindred spirits!

2 No Matter Where I Stand by Aaron Childree

02 No Matter Where I Stand Click to listen

In composing this song I was inspired by the opening scene of the book when Star is looking up at the stars, wishing for something better. She can sense that a journey is ahead, and she knows that she is well prepared to overcome any obstacles she might encounter on the way. Just like many of us, Star isn’t sure exactly what her destination is, but she’s ready for the search.

3 Bossa de la Sol instrumental by Tom Shugart

03 Bossa Del Sol Click to listen

I created a celebration of the starfish enjoying her freedom and starting her journey of life, taking with her teachings and values from her childhood.

4 Not That Far Away by Aaron Childree

04 Not That Far Away Click to listen

In composing this song I was inspired by the shell when she is in the middle of her journey. She hasn’t found her new home yet, and she’s not certain how things will turn out, but she keeps going no matter what comes her way. I think it’s a good reminder that we’re never as far away from our dreams as we think we are.

5 Yours To Keep by Aaron Childree

05 Yours to Keep Click to listen

In composing this song I was inspired by the end of the story when Star finally finds her soul mate and her new home. The two shells have both been through a lot, and now that they have found each other they can better understand all the trials they had to go through to get to this point.

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ABOUT THE SHELL MUSIC PROJECT: The Chart Shell Songwriter Showcase invited songwriters to submit an original song with lyrics to correspond to Chart publisher Casey Tennyson’s book Secrets of the Southern Shells. Songwriters chose any character from the book from any circumstance from any chapter. The entries were judged and the winners were in the music issue of Chart magazine with a feature article.

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SAMPLE SONG PROVIDED SUMMER 2010: Listen to the sample song provided by Orange Juice and Kyle Davidson from Naples, Florida! Read more about the band on the Chart archives Fall 2010 page 13 on

Southern Shell Click to listen

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WATCH THE SHELL PROJECT FILM Secrets of the Southern Shells the film!