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Bait Praise

PRAISE for Bait for Fish Bigger Than I Am

GREAT READ   ”I read your book Bait for Fish Bigger Than I Am and must admit I chuckled at how many similarities I have with the captain of your fictional adventure. You really nailed us captains to a tee! Great read for us captains or for anyone interested in learning about boating.” — Captain Mark Ransford, S/F AZUL

REAL FISHING TIPS  “I am a fisherman. I fish all the time in Florida and the Bahamas. My friend Michelle at Sheldon Fine Art gallery here in Naples gave me your Bait book. I read five books at a time. I started reading your book, and the third time I picked it up, what got me was you started talking about fishing in the Bahamas and you really knew what you were talking about. One day at Red Hook, we didn’t go bone fishing and we took out a guys’ big boat offshore. We had some big wooden plugs and we didn’t know what they were. We tried them and pulled in some big tuna. I read your book and found out what the plugs were! I was very impressed at the technical information and you described exactly my experience fishing offshore. You also described the beach bars with the wack jobs and drop outs, all endearing people to add character and stories to tell, like yours.” — Paul Genco, Chemist and avid fisherman

GREAT FISHING TIPS “I’m still enjoying your “little” novel, or novella. All the fishing stories and tips have my interest as I’m scheduled to go “out to sea” with a bunch in a couple of weeks … in Hawaii. Kinda’ concerned about the wavy-ness, though.  Don’t wanna’ be one of those “sick tourists” your Captain talked about in the book … I’ll take a Dramamine! Better make it a double.” — David J. Witte,