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PRAISE for Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story

WAKE UP CALL “Casey Swann has hit a home run with ‘Marlins Cry A Phishing Story.’ Not only is it a fast paced, fun novel to read for the pure enjoyment of a great story, but she has done every citizen in today’s ultra-connected society a huge service: she has given us a wake-up call as to just how dangerous our digital world actually is. By weaving a fascinating novel from her true life experience of innocently falling victim to a frightening cyber stalker, she sends a warning shot across the bow to everyone with a cell phone, a computer, or a social media account.” – Lori Siragusa, President Inline Marketing Partners

AFRAID OF COMPUTER “I enjoyed the book Marlins Cry: the plot, the writing and the pacing — but the story made me afraid to go near my computer! I will certainly never let anyone borrow my phone even for a second after reading this. One slightly jarring note, but it seems like it took an awful long time to defriend Rick, the villain. I would have defriended him after the first suspected invasion.”– Paulette Cooper Noble, Paulette is the author of 22 books (and 1000+ articles) including “The Scandal of Scientology,” “The Medical Detectives,” and other books. She also writes a column for The Palm Beach Daily News

SAFETY INTEGRATION IN NEW APP  “Marlins Cry outlined many weaknesses in the online world allowing cyber crime. When I developed ListNChat, an online consumer classified listing app, I put safety first and foremost in the design. I want people to be able to buy and sell items safely on my app.” — W. David Taylor, CTO, nPUTE, developer of ListNChat

EROTICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY CHARGED “‘Marlins Cry A Phishing Story’ by Casey Tennyson Swann is a fabulously creepy tale, the conceptual centerpiece of which – the dark side of cyberspace – should raise public consciousness of the potential downside of the ever-increasing amount of personal / private data that people are exposing to potential identity thieves and predators through casual use of the internet, laptop computers, and the multitude of handheld communications devices that have become so critical to our daily social and business interactions. This is an erotically charged story of obsession, terror and cyber-stalking, in which the protagonist Charlotte bites off much more than she can chew when she casually befriends the mysterious stranger from Palm Beach who ‘somehow’ seems to know all of her darkest secrets. With two noteworthy exceptions, the book is inhabited by characters that are generally down to earth, intelligent, and likeable: the protagonist and sympathetic single mother and public relations consultant extraordinaire Charlotte; Owen, Charlotte’s champion, oil tychoon, and general captain of industry who is plagued by cyber-security problems of his own in the form of hacker-driven international corporate espionage; Ted, the romantic outdoorsman and lover du jour; the treacherous and depraved cyber-stalkers Andrick “Rick” Kira and Sick (the exceptions); Captain Ed, yacht captain and supreme navigator of the extraordinarily alluring Bahamian fish havens of the Abacos, and the whole Caribbean. The chapter on recreational fishing for yellowfin tuna and other species of gamefish that inhabit the Abacos is told by the author in intense accurate detail. Among other kudos to the novel, the fishing experience is the best you will ever read on the subject.” – Mark Wisniewski, Attorney

ENORMITY OF SITUATION “Having made fishing trips to the Bahamas many times, the whole scene in ‘Marlins Cry’ was reminiscent. The world to me seeks balance in every aspect; Yin-Yang, positive-negative, expand-contract, etc. One of the elements of balance over history is centralized-decentralized. Civilizations were built and lost over centralization of decentralized ways of life. Communication, education and business seem to follow the pattern very closely. Mainframes centralized, PC’s decentralized, and WWW is one step in a centralization cycle. There are always reasons ostensibly for the pendulum to swing back, but it’s mostly nature. So I don’t know if hackers are part of the equalization system or not. What I do know is that all of the smartest people I know consider cyber security to be the biggest threat to our civilization since the nuclear bomb, and know that we have yet to rally around the enormity of the situation from a societal standpoint. In the middle, and I mean literally in the middle, of tying a thought on UCF and cyber security, my PC shut off. I finished this on my iPAd. Freaky.” — Michael J. O’Donnell, University of Central Florida, Executive Director: Center for Innovation Entrepreneurship and Faculty: College of Business, Management Department

AUTHOR PREDICTED CYBER CHAOS ”Before the Dec. 2013 cyber-attack which syphoned credit and debit card records of 40 million Target shoppers to data thieves in Russia, Casey Tennyson Swann was fictionalizing scenarios of cyber espionage in her 2012 novel, ‘Marlins Cry.’ Shaken by a personal experience as a victim of cyber stalking, Swann used her pen to craft a compelling story. ’We live in the digital world. Safety and danger live in equal parts anywhere in the world now,’ says Swann through the voice of Charlotte on page 50. ’Marlins Cry’s’ message comes through loud and clear. No business or individual is immune from being a potential target of spyware and data theft. The story weaves chilling scenes of computer monitors displaying foreboding personal messages and mysteriously changed flight schedules, with the tension of high stakes black mail of confidential information from computer files of a major international business. Pages in the last couple of chapters turn themselves as seemingly separate storylines intermesh and ‘Marlins Cry’ races to a redemptive conclusion.” – Laurel Bookhardt, Freelance Writer

UNITE UNDER ATTACK “As a 30-year veteran of the technology industry and 15 years in the software business, I believe Casey Swann’s book, ‘Marlin’s Cry A Phishing Story’ accurately portrays that our personal and business data security is under attack. The experiences shared by the author about her 2011 attack are the very tip of the iceberg when compared to the espionage, data breaches and cyber warfare that are happening now in 2014. Our political representatives, government agencies and all the leading technology vendors must make the protection of our personal and business data the utmost priority. Only then will we ensure that our freedom and privacy is never compromised by cyber-terrorists.” – Jim Greene,

VALID MESSAGE “I read ‘Marlins Cry A Phishing Story’ and I am calling from vacationing in Mexico to tell you how much I enjoyed the book. Yes, you do have a message, and, yes, it is valid. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are doing the right thing.” — Stan Fixler

MIRRORS OUR FEARS “There is a new digital age taking over our lives and Casey Swann has written a story that mirrors our questions and fears of this new world. Marlins Cry is a compelling, quick read that pulls you into a tale of spyware stalking and the damage that can be done. Two stories weave throughout the book – the personal story of Charlotte, a writer who finds herself stalked by a mysterious man who uses her electronic equipment from cellphone to computer to home security system. Another story creeps through the book as well, that of a threatening cyber attack on a global scale that could change our lives forever. The adventure begins as Charlotte flees from her Florida nightmare and sets sail in the Bahamas with her friend and business client, Owen. Charlotte relaxes on the yacht knowing she has escaped her stalker. But as days go by and she struggles to solve her personal dilemma, she watches with apprehension as Owen is faced with a global cyber threat that could bring down the world’s economic machine. Casey Swann’s gripping story will keep you in suspense until the last page is turned.” — Susan Chesser Branch, writer, editor, writing consultant

BOOK SERIES “The Marlins Cry book for me had a slow start, and I struggled through the middle, but then it had a great finish. I only recreationally read books that I am really interested in. Now that I’ve gotten to know these characters, I’d like to see a series, with the action starting in the first chapter in the next book.” — Thomas P. Warlow, III, President and Chairman of The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation, Inc.

SUSPENSEFUL AND EDUCATIONAL “I started reading ‘Marlins Cry’ after lunch and couldn’t put it down! I finished it by dinnertime. I loved it! It was not only exciting and suspenseful, but educational as well. The character development was exquisite, especially the depiction of the business guru, ‘The Marlin.’ I felt like I personally knew each and every character and related each one to individuals in my own life. I felt the emotional ups and downs with the main character Charlotte as though I was experiencing the emotions myself. I also enjoyed the last sentence in each chapter – usually full of wisdom and wit – they left me anticipating the next chapter. I can’t wait to find some time to read the other books by Casey Swann.” – Kara Bergum, Advertising Executive

VULNERABLE, OPENED MY EYES “‘Marlins Cry’ opened my eyes to how vulnerable our IT networks really are to disruption. That the author shared her own personal story with the world is a credit to her own strength and resilience. Her writing style was very enjoyable and the story kept me very interested. I knew Casey to be a delightful person, but now I know what a smart, capable woman she is. I’m going to ask her to go fishing sometime!” — Robert G. Beaumont, Jr. MAI, State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ 384 and Senior Managing Director

NOT JUST SCARY BUT TERRIFYING “What happened to me was scary. What happened to you was terrifying. People who abuse your personal self, taking your privacy for their own benefit, cannot be corrected through a computer. To me, I believe the law should give you the right to deal with them personally. I’d like to shoot him, but he would have to come out of hiding from behind his computer.” – Dr. Carl “Sandy” Dann, III – retired orthodontist and big game hunter – Note: Casey Swann produced Sandy’s life story “Dreadful Errors in Judgment, The Wild Worldwide Stories of Native Florida Outdoorsman Carl “Sandy” Dann, III”, which is about his near death adventures big game hunting, world class marlin fishing, spearfishing, sailing and diving. The book is available on and other online bookstores. Chart has a limited supply for sale.

DARK SIDE OF THE DIGITAL AGE “Set in the warm sunshine of Florida and the Bahamas, Casey Swann has written a chilling tale about the dark side of the digital age. ‘Marlins Cry’ is sure to haunt anyone whose digital devices seem to go awry in the wake of a soured relationship or other distressing event. I have received calls from many people who think their mobile phone is bugged, or their computer hacked, or their email compromised, and they shared the book character Charlotte’s fear and feeling of helplessness. Although the Ricks of the world can, and sometimes do, hack into phones, computers or email accounts for malicious purposes, there are ways to detect and stop such intrusions so that you can use your mobile phone and your computer without worrying about who is watching or listening to every word. Just like Charlotte overcame the spying from the book’s antagonist Rick, everyone has a right to feel safe.” — Richard D. Connor, Jr., Esq., AccessData Certified Examiner, Certified Computer Examiner, Certified Forensic Computer Examiner, Digital Forensic Certified Practitioner, EnCase Certified Examiner

ADVENTUROUS ”‘Marlins Cry A Phishing Story’ is certainly relevant. Being from Florida and a traveler in the islands, I think it is a fun read to those who like adventure”. – Hugh Darley I D E A, inc. President/Executive Producer

INSIGHTFUL TIPS “Since I run my custom jewelry business from both Orlando and the Virgin Islands, I am very dependent upon digital communication. The cyber attacks to the character in ‘Marlins Cry A Phishing Story’ created great fear in this small business owner! The book gave a lot of insightful tips which I plan to implement immediately.” — Noelle Morone, Owner Bright Side Collection

CHILLING “‘Marlins Cry’ is a chilling warning of how vulnerable all of us are to hackers who can invade and control our computers, iPads, and even our cell phones for their personal advantage. In a larger context, this is a story of how international conspirators may be able to perform acts of cyber-terrorism on a global level. To be honest, I found ‘Marlins Cry’ to be a chilling book to read.” — Bill Guggenheim, Coauthor of “Hello From Heaven!”

BUSINESS CHALLENGE “I read ‘Marlins Cry.’ I certainly got to know you better but now I have no clue as to what is fact and what is fiction… probably one of your objectives. I did have my eyes opened to hacking and feel very lucky that I no longer am in business.” – George Cross, Retired Executive

pre-book-release reader REVIEWS from the manuscript:

“The serene waters of an idyllic life are made turbulent by a cyber-pirate with mayhem as his catch-of-the-day in this book. ‘Marlins Cry’ is an exhilarating read with admonitions for trusting souls in our global electronic world. It’s a cautionary tale of the invigorating, often harrowing, adventures of a woman determined to regain her peaceful life.” — Risa Bos, MA, LMHC

“‘Marlins Cry’ is a page turner. The action on every page keeps you intrigued so you can’t put it down. I intensely related to the main character’s thoughts, fears and feelings. It evoked an eerily familiar story as I lived with spyware myself. Everyone thinks you are crazy when you try to defend yourself. And, you don’t know who was contacted and what was said that wasn’t really from you. This novel will help validate the fear of spyware victims and help create compassion for those who haven’t been a victim yet.” — Nina deVanguardia, Accountant

“In ‘Marlins Cry’ the action picked up to a fever pitch with the offshore fishing and with the spyware and espionage incidents. The last chapters are huge and tie it all together. The book really makes you think about cyber safety, and is a good reminder to change your passwords.” — Allison Edwards, Attorney at Law, Civil Litigation, Charles M. Greene, P.A.

“I couldn’t put it down. ‘Marlins Cr’y is an excellent read. The novel heightened my awareness of the dangers of the cyber world in an entertaining way. It was highly informative and helpful in what I can do to protect myself and my family. I related to the main character’s connection to her spiritual self to remain safe and secure in a sea of cyber chaos.” — Jan Edwards

“Overall ‘Marlins Cry’ was brilliant. It could definitely be made into a movie. I’m a voracious reader and the first sentence grabbed me right there at the beginning. The writing is engaging and the verbal imagery is amazing.” — Sarah Edwards, Editor (and daughter of Jan Edwards)