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Bait for Fish Bigger Than I Am


Bait For Fish Bigger Than I Am by Casey Tennyson Swann is an inspiring analogy to bait in life to catch your dreams revealed through a fun novella overflowing with tips on marlin fishing, boating in Florida and the Bahamas and travel in the Abacos, Bahamas.

CATEGORIES Fiction, Marlin Fishing, Travel: Abacos, Bahamas / New Smyrna Beach / Palm Beach, Inspirational / Motivational

THE BOOK Bait For Fish Bigger Than I Am is an adventure novella about catching a marlin. The story unfolds basics on boating and fishing, and travel tips for the Abacos in the Bahamas. The message is also a literary reminder to put out bait for what you want to catch in life. You get what you fish for. So, wish and fish big. Then bait to succeed.

TARGET READER The book was written by a mother catching her first marlin as her own personal goal and thinking of her college-age son making education, career and life choices. Anyone needing a little nudge to get going and “bait” to reach their goals is a good target, parents and children. Also, anyone interested in fishing, boating, coastal Florida or the Bahamas would enjoy this book. It would make a great read for a first time boater, too. It makes a colorful coffee table book and a thoughtful gift.

THE GIST OF BAIT From Chapter 11

“Like the weather in boating, you can’t control your life. Be prepared and plan a course. Put your bait out and catch your marlin. Then catch another and another. It all starts with bait. To conquer things bigger than you, whether a goal, challenge, obstacle, passion or dream, nothing is bigger than you that can’t be won, overcome or achieved, then let it go and release it and move on to the next thing.”

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Book released June 2012.

BUY hardback 8.5 x 5.5 64 pages, Retail $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping