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Secrets of the Southern Shells


Secrets of the Southern Shells Second Edition

by Casey Tennyson with photography and art by the author and illustrations by Katelyn Tennyson Swann

Book released September 2015.

BUY hardback 8 x 8 68 pages, Retail $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping

GIST: 20 Tips for Southern Shells and Other Belles While the global world has changed extensively over the last 200 years since the birth of America and the Southern U.S., the intimate advice from Southern mothers to their children has remained virtually unchanged. Sometimes as adults we need a little reminder, also. Remember who you are, you are a Southern Star.

Be careful what you wish for
Remember who you are, you are a SOUTHERN Star
Be sweet
Let boys find you
Combine Southern Hospitality with compassion
Help your neighbors
Take time for yourself
Kill meanness with kindness
Stay in safe places with safe people
Hold your head high
Be independent
Always look for something good
Replace fear with faith
Use words wisely
Listen to your voice inside
Do good work
Small counts big
Seek Wisdom
Wait for the right one
Be a Lady


The First Edition, Secrets of the Southern Shells, Timeless Wisdom for Southern Shells and Other Belles

by Casey Tennyson Swann and Illustrations by chARTists

Book released 11/01/10.

BUY hardback 8.5 x 5.5 44 pages, Retail $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping

NOTE: The first edition will be going out of print soon, so purchase now if you want this book for your collection!

PRAISE My 18-year-old daughter read the manuscript and quipped, “This is what you tell me everyday. The starfish is giving me a lecture.” Perfect. The book then achieved it’s mission to capture the intimate communication inside the homes of Southern Shells.

“Secrets of the Southern Shells is a very clever and original allegory containing much wisdom that has been passed down from Southern mothers to their daughters, the Southern Belles. This charming book, filled with very attractive marine artwork, relates a powerful story of sea creatures, and how one, a mere starfish, overcomes impossible obstacles and achieves her dreams because she faithfully heeds her mother’s timeless advice. In seven words: Buy it, read it, and gift it!” — Bill Guggenheim, co-author of bestseller Hello From Heaven! “p.s. I read this while vacationing in North Carolina. It’s not a book I would typically read. I was surprised at how much I liked it. The book cleverly combined three or four things in one masterfully.”

“This is a book to cherish and re-read often as we follow the life challenges of Starfish Star and relate them to our own lives and to the lives of our children and grandchildren. This book is destined to be a classic.” –Marilyn Smith, Mental Health Therapist “I’m from South Georgia and have two daughters and this is the way we talk to them. I look at the whole world this way; speak from the heart and from personal experience. The world is a better place if we all share our hearts. I liked the chapter with the seahorses on how small things make a big difference, it’s important for all of us to remember that each little act every day does make a difference.” — Hugh Darley, President / Executive Producer Idea, Inc.

“I got this as a retirement gift and it is special on so many levels. The illustrations, the sentiments and especially a mother – daughters love resonated so strongly having raised two daughters myself. A perfect gift to yourself or someone who has impacted your life in a meaningful way.” –Barbara Peckett, Director of New Business Development, Clear Channel Orlando

“I got the book as a hostess gift and what a lovely surprise. The book creatively captures the author’s love of shells, the beach and the water. If you love Florida and it’s waters, you will love the book. I move the book around the house, it speaks to many occasions.” — Ernestine Beattie, Olympic Swimmer and Champion Master Swimmer (fellow water lover!)