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Many of these testimonials are dated but show the scope and quality of Cutting Edge’s work through the years. Cutting Edge is truly a market leader in promoting clients, always using the most creative up-to-date resources. Chart magazine has been the ad agency’s primary focus since 2005.


Fields Huston Campaign

Fields Huston Campaign

Fields Huston Campaign

“The television production was very professional and organized. The TV buy was right on target; we got calls the first day it aired.”  — Tim Huston, Fields Huston Cadillac in Lake Wales, Dec. 2007 — The Cutting Edge campaign targeted upscale demographics willing to drive an hour from Orlando and / or Tampa for a high end vehicle from a dealer with superior service. “Just a spray away” as a tag line relates to the active lifestyle of today’s Cadillac buyer. It also ties in with the close proximity of the dealership to Cypress Gardens famous for water ski shows and the dealer’s status as a water ski champion.

Ballet programs & charity work

“You always surprise me with how creative you are as a marketer. Once again, you have raised the bar. You will change how ballet programs are produced not only here but everywhere.”  — Vasile Petritiu, Director Central Florida Ballet, Nov. 2004 after reviewing proof of The Nutcracker program with the preview pages of NOW magazine, the name changed to Chart in 2006

“Thanks so much for your great job on our first newsletter for The Whitney Inn. Not only did the newsletter get our news to our past guests, but we were able to pay for all our production and mailing costs the first day the letter hit! We are preparing now for your next project.” — Richard D. Levine, Levine Properties, Nov. 2004

“Everywhere we go people tell us they saw our ad in The Cheesecake Factory menu (at Millenia Mall.)   …nurses in the hospital, our neighbors, everyone. The ad just came out a month ago and we see at least two new patients a week from that ad. It’s working great because of the humor people remember it.” — Jennifer Arabitg, Cosmabella Center for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery with Dr. Richard Arabitg,  Aug. 2003

AD BELOW: The bright yellow ad features the headline “CHEESECAKE?”  with a graphic of tight abs and a subhead “Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too” with the Cosmabella logo and contact information. The client wanted an ad with humor to promote his new cosmetic surgery center.

Cosmabella ad

Cosmabella ad


“The newspaper ads are working. We are on target for December to be our best month of the year at the Leesburg store. That has never happened. With December traditionally being a slow month in the furniture industry and with the economy nationwide, we feel very blessed.” — David Conway, Owner Conway’s Home Furnishings, Dec. 2001

“Cutting Edge put me in a commercial last month and now I can’t go anywhere without being recognized as the chiropractor spokesperson. I am overwhelmed by the powerful popularity and recognition generated by this well written and professionally produced TV commercial.  I have not been in a local commercial in 12 years. I am surprised and just floored at Casey’s ability to achieve this level of recognition using this budget and in this short amount of time. It just hit the air. My favorite production with Casey in terms of laughs was when she made me be a Valley Girl on a Mitsubishi radio commercial and sing the Don Mealey jingle.” — Erin Somers, Talent, June 2001 for the PAIN Pain Assistance Information Network TV commercial — Cutting Edge produced testimonial TV commercials which were tagged with individual Chriopractor offices. The WFTV sales staff sold the more affordable group ad package to smaller budget Chiropractor offices, thus creating new revenue for the station for clients that otherwise couldn’t afford TV.

“It’s nice to have the benefits of a full service agency and also the personalized one-on-one service. Our advertising reflects more of a Mitsubishi corporate professional image verses our competitors whose advertising remains on a local predictable level. Our customers, and even the Mitsubishi rep, have commented on our tasteful advertising.   And it’s working. That’s the good news.” — Jay Mealey, General Manager, Sport Mitsubishi, Apr. 2001 — Cutting Edge produced local commercials to match the national radio campaign with humorous scripts where the Mitsubishi Man calls character actors with funny memorable copy.

ADS BELOW: Another Mealey brother, Robert Mealey, ran the Honda motorcycle dealerships in Cocoa Beach and Orlando. Cutting Edge produced newsletters to the right to correspond with on-site promotions, as well as major media campaigns. For First Team Management / Mealey dealerships, Cutting Edge managed all public images to insure a complete integrated corporate message.

Champions Honda campaign


“When our TV commercial first aired, two viewers called to tell me how beautiful the commercial was. The first lady told me that it ‘moved her.’  She was so overly complimentary, I thought it was a joke at first. I have never had that type of positive response from advertising before.” — Don Chicodroff,  Kinco Windows and Doors, Aug. 1999 — Cutting Edge produced the thin budget commercial in the showroom, using TV lights for setting suns and Windex sprayers for rain effects. The commercial painted lifestyle through the copy of how doors and windows let life itself in and out of our homes. This is an example of Casey’s romantic poetic writing shining into ad copy.

“My colleagues saw the Computer Mart TV commercial and thought I had gotten a national spot. The copy and production made the local commercial appear to be national in quality.” — Scott duPont, actor in Computer Mart TV commercial, Mar. 1999 — In order to compete with national brands for business computer purchases, Cutting Edge branded Computer Mart with multi media imaging to project a strong corporate presence.

“Two of the three charters I did this weekend were generated from the web site you did. One was from Illinois and one was from South Florida. I get calls each week from people all over the country.  The web site is the best thing I ever did to book fishing charters.” — Captain Steve Clark,, Apr. 1999 — Cutting Edge created a lively website to attract both tourists and avid sport fishermen to book charters with Captain Steve. We posted a  fishing report with photos daily. The good news? The photos always included fish! Captain Steve rocks.

“My website is generating international responses; I am communicating with patients in the Caribbean Islands. Cutting Edge getting us in the top ten in Yahoo made a big difference in the number of hits every day.” — Dr. Clifford P. Clark, III, Cosmetic Surgeon, Feb. 1999 — Through marketing consulting with Dr. Clark, Cutting Edge advised financially it would benefit him to leave his partnership and form a solo practice. Now he runs one of the most successful practices in the Orlando area. Marketing consulting works best with both business savvy and creativity. Cutting Edge produced hundreds of simple websites when sites were first created and could, through technology, get high search engine rankings. Today, these techniques help, but generally the high rankings are through online ad budgets.