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Casey As Creative Person

Casey’s unique blend of business sense and creativity make her an ideal choice for savvy clients.

CASEY IS CREATIVE: Casey is a relative of Alfred Lord Tennyson (1800s) on her father’s side and Isaac Pennington (1600s) son of the Mayor of London, on her mother’s side, both famous passionate British writers. Casey likewise brings a passion to her work, often writing client approved finished copy in the first draft. “It’s not just about being creative. The rewards are results, not awards. All the advertising awards I have came from my media reps or the TV production crews submitting my creative work. The owner of the company I worked for in my twenties said he wanted me to sell cars, not win awards. I did both. My in-house experience taught me to be one-hundred percent client focused. I can generally please the toughest of clients because I understand how to sell through the media.”

CASEY IS COMPETIVITE: “I was captain of my high school swim team and was on the first NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) team at UCF in 1980-83. I carry that competitive spirit into the marketplace when I represent my clients. There is something about competing in a sport where you swim with things that want to eat you that teaches you to compete, be alert, react quickly and with great purpose, and still have fun.”

CASEY EXCELS AT COLABORATION: When websites first were used as part of a marketing mix, Cutting Edge’s Casey Swann was a web designer in association with hosting company ParkAve.Net in Winter Park before they sold to Cutting Edge produced smaller sites referred by ParkAve.Net and the hosting company produced the bigger sites in-house. Cutting Edge has worked with media companies such as web companies as a web designer, TV stations as a writer / producer, and magazines as a graphic designer. Other ad agencies stronger in print advertising have added Cutting Edge as a broadcast media partner to add strenth in TV / radio / internet as well as overall marketing acumen. A PR firm hired Cutting Edge to manage their accounts during an extended maternity leave, knowing that the integrity of the campaign would be seamlessly continued.

CASEY’S AUTOMOTIVE EXPERIENCE: “My experience tends to be heavy in automotive because that is where I started out of college but also because automotive tends to have the largest local media advertising budgets. If you are going to earn 15 percent of something, it may as well be a bigger number. Plus, automotive is fun! While most ad agencies are overwhelmed by the pace of automotive, I love it!”

CASEY IS CONSISTENT from early career: In 1983, I did my college internship at what was then Robinson, Yesawich and Pepperdine, the largest ad agency in Orlando. Now MMGY Global, it remains by far the largest. My internship was under Duffy Myers as he started the PR department at the agency with only he and I. Duffy did the original public relations for Disney pre-opening, then Sea World, and other major travel accounts. As the young overachiever that I was, I asked the HR department if I could shadow all of the departments and produce a company newsletter so I could have a printed piece for my portfolio. As far as I know, the interns still produce the employee newsletter. I was fortunate to have had paid freelance writing jobs as a college student and was focused on adding to my body of work. It was back in the day of three-martini lunches. The media department smoked cigarettes in their office and filed stacks of smoke-stained media kits between media rep lunches. I liked Le Cordon Bleu and decided big budgets were the way to go.

After graduating, I took a job as copywriter / producer at the jazz radio station WLOQ. Within two months, the full time job was eliminated when the station hired a program director that could also write and produce. Welcome to media. At the radio station, I noticed the sales reps had the most freedom and the most income. So, from there I sold ads for a business magazine that only put out a few issues, Mid Florida Business and People. I’ve always liked sales and creating solutions. One of my accounts was the in-house agency for Don Mealey Chevrolet, First Team Management  … with a big budget. Cathy Bamberg was leaving to join Harry Handley, who left WFTV as research director, in a data research venture that would join broadcast ratings with lifestyle and other factors other than just Arbitron or Nielsen sex and age demos. I would use Bamberg-Handley’s reports and data extensively when I replaced Cathy as the in-house marketing director at FTM. I grew the in-house agency to manage the budgets for all of the dealerships, not just the flagship dealership. I also brought in outside accounts. I thrived at First Team Management until I had children and started my own boutique ad agency, which I still run today.

The consistency part is about creative problem solving. From a college student to a seasoned veteran in the advertising industry, I continually seek new solutions to connect buyers and sellers through the media. The company name Cutting Edge suits me as the President.




I still like my logo after 25 years. You know, that is what defines good branding, staying power. I chose the name Cutting Edge Communications, Inc. because lists of names I gave my lawyer to set up for me were already taken. The logo for CEC is the most basic of all fonts, Helvetica in black, all caps, on white. Seemingly rather dull but I gave it some personality with spacing and added a logo mark. The mark has a C cradling an E, much like I take care of my clients’ communications needs in my boutique advertising agency. The cocoon effect also symbolizes the idea-incubation notion working in unison with clients to bring their messages into the world. The black-white Helvetica idea was originally to immediately exhibit creative skills to potential clients; you don’t have to have ornate, overdone, costly branding to be effective. Simple, clear, direct branding works. So, as I sent my business cards to press for a re-order, I centered my timeless image in the logo area.


I likewise like my CaseyCreates logo I made for my website with that domain name. In Sept. 2015, I combined the content of CaseyCreates with the cut-edge site to simplify the busy work of maintaining both sites. (and